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Triplets, Moms and More... (TMM) is a non-profit Massachusetts-based support group for families and families-to-be of triplets, quads and more throughout New England. TMM provides opportunities for these families to address the unique aspects of parenting higher order multiples (HOMs).

About Us

Triplets, Moms and More is a strictly volunteer-run organization, run by our Board of Directors and Steering Committee. The goal of TMM is to provide compassionate, psychosocial support as well as educational information about the uniqueness of higher order multiple pregnancies and parenting. This is accomplished by sharing the joys and challenges of pregnancy, birth and beyond. We strive to bring higher order multiple families together to laugh, learn, support and celebrate our lives.

Mom with 3 babies One of the primary goals of TMM is to support women throughout their pregnancies with our Strive for 35® program, which offers information and encouragement from others with similar experiences. As families strive for 35 weeks gestation, real-life advice can be found from our members on how to successfully navigate your way through the challenges of bedrest, the inquiring minds of strangers and the seemingly endless sleepless nights. This program links Veteran Mothers with expectant families throughout the duration of their pregnancy and shortly thereafter. This program was developed in May of 1998 with the hope that all expectants would make it to 35 weeks gestation. Striving for 35 weeks is a goal, but not a measurement of success. No parent should feel as though they have somehow failed if their kids are born earlier. Even with today's advances in modern medicine, carrying triplets or more to 35 weeks continues to remain a challenge. By providing intensive psychosocial support, in collaboration with the medical care families receive, our goal is to decrease stress levels and improve gestational outcomes. Our hope is that all families achieve healthy babies in their hearts, in their arms, and throughout their lives.

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A Veteran Mom is someone who has already delivered her triplets, quads or more and now feels ready to offer support to an expectant family. This person offers emotional support and helpful advice on coping with pregnancy-related issues. The Veteran Mom will connect expectant families with the resources they need at that time and empower families with a sense of participation in their pregnancy care. As a way of helping families strive for 35 weeks gestation, expectant moms are encouraged to call their physicians with any medical concerns, including any of the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia and/or preterm labor.

Recognizing that the stress of parenting multiples can be overwhelming at times, it is the goal of our Facebook group page exclusively for TMM members, to offer online communication among our members, further promoting our feeling of community with one another, and to alleviate some of that stress by providing psychosocial support, education, and referrals for services that may be needed. This is also the place to announce birthdays, post pictures, access child development files, sell and buy items, and be connected to the latest research-based articles.


We have grown into a multi-state support network, currently made up of several regional group locations throughout Massachusetts, with membership extending into New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine. Support activities, mainly scheduled by region, include Moms, Dads, and Couples Nights Out, playgroups, special outings, and holiday parties that offer social opportunities for the entire family. These provide a comfortable setting for sharing our similarities and differences.

Membership, for a nominal fee, runs January through December. Membership includes access to the Facebook group page, invitations to our various gatherings, an extensive support network and much more.

We will not turn any family away for reasons of financial hardship. All financial and personal information will be kept confidential.

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TMM is a Registered 501(C)(3) organization.

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